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Benefit Design to Enhance Your Employee Value Proposition

Designing the benefits program your employees deserve without stressing your organization's financial resources can leave you stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Every year, costs keep going up, but it doesn't seem like you are getting more from your insurer? Do you feel like a large portion of your employees don't even see the value the benefits you provide? 

Using our tools and expertise, we help you put your employees and their families at the center of your benefits plan design.

Get in touch with us to learn how you can build a benefits program customized to your employees' specific needs that will help them reach their health, wealth and wellness goals.  

Already have the right plan design and communication strategy in place to complement your Employee Value Proposition? Sounds like your employees are taken care of and you should keep the program you have. The next step is to make your finance team happy. Find out how we help you manage the risks and save money on your insurance contracts. 

Manager and Worker

Managing Risk and Achieving Long Term Cost Savings 

Manager and Worker

Do you find insurance to be needlessly complex? Benefit costs keep on going up year after year?

While insurance pricing is not rocket science, it is actuarial science. If you don't have a benefits actuary on staff, we'll integrate one of our actuaries into your team. This will allow you to hold your insurer accountable and bring pricing transparency to your employee benefits program. 

We will sit down with you to determine your risk tolerance and the optimal financial arrangement for each benefit in your program. Next, we will help you identify inefficiencies within your programs, streamlining and disintermediating where beneficial. Finally, our actuaries will negotiate with your insurer, to ensure that your best interests are represented and expenses are tightly managed.

Get in touch to discover how you can futureproof your employee benefits program today

The right financial agreements have been negotiated, and your plan is now financially sustainable? Let's look at how you can enhance your financial reporting and long term cost projections with customized actuarial modelling and data visualization.

Financial Reporting, Customized Modelling and Data Visualization

Are you compliant in reporting requirements for your employee and retiree benefits plans? Do you feel like you are getting the right advice and guidance on what to expect in the future, including dashboards and top of the line visual displays to help manage the financial risk within your programs? Does it sometimes feel like you don't have enough time to question and set best estimate assumptions that match the reality of your programs?

Our team of actuaries doesn't just deliver financial disclosures compliant with your organization's accounting standards, we help you with mid-year budgets, and forecast the future. Together, we'll identify emerging risks to ensure the long term sustainability of your programs. Whether you require customized actuarial modelling to help answer your businesses biggest challenges, or brilliant visual design to communicate your message to internal and external stakeholders, we have you covered.

Analyzing Data
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